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Tales and Truths From The Southernmost Point by Cindy de Leon

Tales and Truths From The Southernmost Point

by Cindy de Leon

282 pages
This book is a series of poems, memories, and short stories based on truth and historical events involving fictional characters, tragedies, and triumphs, and dramatic family and personal life situations.

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Category: Fiction:Family Life
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About the Book
The island of Key West located on the Southernmost Point of the United States has always been a place known for its uniqueness and mystery. Many people that don't know the island, perhaps, believe it is a place to just have fun, relax, and go on vacation - but the small island has and always has had so much more to give. It is a very nurturing place where real families live and thrive. This is well known to the writer because it was where she grew up. These island stories are inspired by the lives and struggles of those she loved, her ancestors, and sometimes her own life. Many of the characters are larger than life and perhaps unimaginable, but such is the essence of the people who have lived on the island for centuries. Those people were and still are fighters and survivors and there is no better way to celebrate them than to give the reader a bit of that spice and many times, reality, the stories bring with them.

The tales are dramatic, colorful, and sometimes humorous. The people of the island, her people, are imperfect, bold, vivacious, friendly, sensitive, and very outspoken. She wants the stories to touch the reader like the people of the island have touched the hearts of so many for so long. She wishes the reader to have the experience of jumping into the warm saltwater existence of a place that transcends time, sleeps, and awakens to a new life, even amidst storms. These stories are not for cowards, they may contain challenging truths, strong language, and situations that may cause people to think, but like the people they speak of, they also contain the balsam of healing, love, understanding, forgiveness, and peace because the author truly believes it is a place populated with lessons and blessings from above.



About the Author
Cindy de Leon Cindy de Leon, daughter of Edward Earl Pinder and Oneida Garcia, both born and raised in Key West, Florida whose families lived for centuries on the island. She is considered a “freshwater Conch,” as she was raised there and deeply inspired by the place she calls home.



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