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Solving The Equation of Love: A Manic Imagination [Equation Of Humanity Book 1] by Eric J. Chou

Solving The Equation of Love: A Manic Imagination [Equation Of Humanity Book 1]

by Eric J. Chou

578 pages
This is a cross between lived experience with Bipolar 1, a fiction narrative, and an autobiography. We also go through a journey and files that I created for a mod for the video game franchise of Command and Conquer, and all I care about.

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Category: Mental Health:Bipolar Disorder
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About the Book
This book is the 1st compendium of my life story and work. I have lived experience of bipolar 1, and a vision disability, and that informs everything Iíve done. Looking back at the past decade of my life, and all Iíve accomplished to date, I can see it all in perfect focus, and I can see the guiding will of God moving through my life, bringing me through my relationships, and setting me on the paths Iíve not just walked, but the paths Iíve paved.

Iíve organized and build communities 150+ members strong

Iíve built a company and game project off of the fuel of passion alone.

Iíve not just influenced but have literally saved lives.

Iíve done research summarizing and highlighting my findings, so others can carry on the legacy of Honor Iíve started

The journey has been long, and itís been hard, but as I write this, Iím beginning a new chapter of my life, and I couldnít be humbler and prouder.

This book includes all the people, communities and projects I care about, and what has shaped me into the man, leader, and founder I am today.

I hope this lived experience of Bipolar 1 helps break the stigma shrouding mental health, both in general, and specifically in the creative industries Iíve been privileged to be a part of.

I wish to continue a dialog on these subjects, and show that Mental health issues are indeed double-edged swords that are core to who we are.

This book contains select documents of snap shots in time of my Tiberium Secrets mod, a passion project that looks to the future of the Command & Conquer video game franchise.

This book contains a new theory and model of mental health that is called ďThe PPF ModelĒ = The Past Present and Future model, which aims to ground mental health discussions in common understandable terms.

Thanks to all the unsung heroes in my life, I would not be who I am without all of you.

Itís time for a new challenge.

The Future is Bright!



About the Author
Eric J. Chou Eric Chou has over 10 years of experience as an administrative logistical coordinator for software development. He has served as PR lead and lead writer for Tiberium Eclipse mod, and Tiberium secrets mod for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars.

Furthermore, he has served as a staff officer for 3 years for the 102nd multigaming community. He has also worked as a coordinator for companies such as Oracle, Omnicell, and Gilead.

His passion is finding the intersections between psychology and technology. He has a bachelorís in psychology from the University of California Irvine, as well as an Associates in psychology and general studies science.

In his free time he can be found volunteering for a crisis hotline, listening to audio books, and watching TV shows.



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