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Lynker, Stonehaven Book One by Roger J. Stoker

Lynker, Stonehaven Book One

by Roger J. Stoker

278 pages
Lynker, by Roger J. Stoker is the first in the Stonehaven trilogy. It details how Eric, the Lynker of the title, uses his uncanny empathy with computers to survive death and fights back to protect the women he has come to love. An adult oriented, techno-mystery it blends erotic sexual action with conspiracy as Eric refuses to let his death stand in the way of duty and revenge.

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Category: Erotica
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About the Book

Eric, born to parents exposed to a reactor leak and barely surviving viral meningitis, becomes able to hear radio waves. It is an ability which leads him towards computers and develops into the capacity to communicate with them.

Falling foul of a government Foundation which seeks to exploit such wild talents Eric is forced to choose death over life when it comes to rescuing his wife and unborn son. Keeping him going while he is trapped inside the computer system that saved him are his memories of the times he has spent with his wife and their joint lover. How he reaches back and organizes both their rescue, and his own revenge make for exciting adult reading.



About the Author
Roger J. Stoker Roger J. Stoker, the author, is a researcher currently working for a government agency on numerous topics some of which involve computers and their more unusual applications.



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