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Cleared for Time Travel by Shane Bryan

Cleared for Time Travel

by Shane Bryan

204 pages
Jackieís normal everyday life is quickly diverted to a new foreign destination when the wreckage of her fathers jetliner is found in the Atlantic Ocean nearly 51 years after he disappeared off the coast of Nova Scotia.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi
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About the Book
Cleared for Time Travel follows the story of two sisterís living in their dream town of Bluefin Cove, Maine. They enjoy their community involvement, small town gossip, and down east Yankee hospitality until a research vessel locates their fatherís missing jetliner, which disappeared off of coastal radar in 1971.

As the wreckage is recovered from the seafloor, the United States Government informs Jackie and her sister, Candice, of a deep, dark family secret about their fatherís work with the government and the airline, Americonic International Airlines.

Jackieís normal everyday life is quickly diverted to a new foreign destination with the help of Agent Taylor, who works for a top-secret organization within the US Government. She must endure the turbulence and accept her challenges in order to save her dad from disappearing in the Atlantic.

Join the sisters as they depart on a journey to discover the untold truth of classified information that has been in a holding pattern since 1971. Fasten your seatbelts, weíve been cleared to time travel.


From beginning to end, the plot builds continuously from scene to scene. The story has elements of an amateur sleuth who battles the acceptance of her fathers past. Jackie is firmly grounded, independent and a strong woman who has to trust her gut when given foreign details about her existence.
- Lettie C.
A wonderful experience for this reader. The book would not leave my hands until I finished reading to the last page. The main character is strong and an intelligent woman who wants to find the truth about her father and herself.
- Norma O.
Very interesting concept with a turn or a twist every few pages. The characters are developed to the point where I felt as if I was in the story myself. I would recommend this book to all readers as the story is exciting to the end.
- Sherri B.



About the Author
Shane Bryan Shane Bryan was born and raised outside of the city of Phoenix, Arizona. In the beautiful East Valley near the majestic Superstition Mountains. Shane considers aviation his first love and from a small age, he could tell you the airline and aircraft type of most commercial jets that flew overhead. If he isn't spending time at the airport for a well-established airline, he is spending time with family and friends.



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