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KANMO Dossier: Union Station Shooting & Aftermath by Ronald E Harlow

KANMO Dossier: Union Station Shooting & Aftermath

by Ronald E Harlow

642 pages
Adam Ricchetti was tried and executed for killing Frank Hermanson. A Bureau agent killed Detective Hermanson. The agent killed two men before any “outlaw” even fired a shot. His fellow agents and agency covered it up and committed perjury.

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Category: True Crime
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About the Book
The FBI hid crucial information about this shooting, made critical documents disappear, even failed to properly account for weapons recovered at the shooting scene. For many decades people have tried to “solve” the shooting, but I did. Even though the FBI concealed vital evidence. If they can prove me wrong, they will. Don’t bet on it though. Because they can’t.


This work is not intended to provide escape from responsibility for Verne Miller, Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd, or Adam Ricchetti. The shooting never would have happened if they had not shown up and attempted to take Frank Nash from his captors. The difference is the Bureau benefited immensely from their wrongdoings, while the “assailants” paid with their lives.


I did the best I could to bring forth information which guided my observations and conclusions. Perhaps others could do better. Perhaps even you! Bad things happen when authorities are allowed to lie and deceive without consequences. We are each responsible for our country.
When the shooting was solved, I realized it was necessary to make the findings public. The families of the men involved, especially the fallen officers, ought to be respected enough to be told the truth. Especially given the problems the country has with the Department of Justice and FBI in the current era. Everything a freedom and liberty loving person hates about the FBI started with this case.



About the Author
Ron’s career was mostly comprised of private sector independent business ownership primarily in commercial real estate, government and DoD contracting, public boards and commissions. Served as advisor and fiduciary to individuals and institutions including banks, life insurance companies, pension funds, investment groups, family offices in the United States and internationally.



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