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Less Than Human by James Gannon MD

Less Than Human

by James Gannon MD

186 pages
Less Than Human is a physician’s experience navigating the abusive and corrupt academic, political and legal systems to succeed in medicine. Issues presented in this book also spillover into many aspects of our society.

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Category: Health:Education
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About the Book
Ever want to be a doctor or wonder how a physician feels about healthcare? Follow one man’s journey through medical training and his reflections on the process.

Less Than Human is a physician’s experience and ‘insider perspective’ into the abusive and corrupt academic, political and legal systems one navigates to succeed in medicine. There is a dehumanizing aspect of medicine/healthcare for both patients and doctors. Our academic system treats students and eventual medical residents as a disposable exploitable commodity and patients as throughput objects.

Unfortunately, healthcare focus is now taken off the patient and instead diverted to total government submission under the mantra of ‘Compliance’. Subservience to government mandates override patient care.

Besides bone crushing debt imposed by the higher education system, medicine is practiced under heavy-handed political, litigious and media influence; this book offers insight and critique of the American political, media and legal systems which undermine the Doctor-Patient relationship.

This book was initially self-published in 2015 to help improve medical care in this country, this second edition is culled to be more focused and concise, yet still clearly describe deficiencies and offer solutions. Direct common-sense changes (to this day not practiced) are proposed to aright a failed system of academia, healthcare and the politics that controls them. Many of the issues presented in this book weigh heavily on doctors, but also creep into many aspects of our society.

The greatest coup in healthcare is propaganda convincing people to mistrust their doctors’ and have blind faith in politicians.



About the Author
James Gannon MD Dr. Gannon strives to do his best in serving people. From grocery clerk to HVAC technician to Physician, a circuitous path to authorship. He wrote this book to educate people regarding inherent systemic flaws affecting the US healthcare system and inspire people to make positive policy changes.



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