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The Little Book of Goodness by Steven Gans

The Little Book of Goodness

by Steven Gans

128 pages
An inspirational book which will make your heart sing.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Philosophy
About the Book

The Little Book of Goodness is a gift to open our hearts to the suffering of the innocent.

Steven Gans, Philosopher, Psychoanalyst, and Teacher, reveals the secret of changing our world in The Little Book of Goodness , an inspirational book for the thoughtful. In The Little Book of Goodness, you learn how to bring a little bit of goodness into the world through the use of a practice called Just Listening (developed by Drs. Steven Gans and Leon Redler).

Goodness works through the use of Just Listening. It opens the possibility for the light of truth, peace and justice to shine through in the Face of the Other person.

When the world seems out of control, what can we do to make sense of it all and bring light into our existence? We can just listen! We can change the world, a little bit at a time. The Little Book of Goodness offers a solution that we can use anytime, anywhere to bring goodness into our world.

What readers say:

" The Little Book of Goodness [is] a beautiful little book."
­ Margreta Carr, Director, R.D. Laing Society

"The Little Book of Goodness [brings] together the philosophy, thinking and practice involved in sharing the "gift" of Just Listening. A wonderful gift to receive, share and give."­ Denis Roberts, Executive Mentor

"The Little Book of Goodness makes my heart sing!"­ Hal Keternick, Executive Coach

The Little Book of Goodness and Just Listening is recommended for couples, parents, coaches, entrepreneurs, teachers, therapists, and anyone else who helps others evolve spiritually and emotionally.



About the Author
Steven Gans is a practicing Psychoanalyst and Hypnotherapist in Tempe, Arizona. He has written extensively on philosophy and psychoanalysis with special emphasis on the ethical contribution of Emmanuel Levinas. With Dr. Leon Redler, Dr. Gans is the coauthor of Just Listening: Ethics and Therapy (ISBN 0738899178).



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