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What the Trees Saw: An Intimate, Irreverent, Look at Human Evolution by Thomas R Miller

What the Trees Saw: An Intimate, Irreverent, Look at Human Evolution

by Thomas R Miller

334 pages
What the Trees Saw is a look at humankind through the eyes of the trees that have always lived amongst us, a species much older and wiser, than ourselves. The book explores our ancestry, what we have become and, perhaps, where we are going.

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About the Book
What the Trees Saw, An Intimate, Irreverent Look at Human Evolution is a no-holds barred critique of the history of the human race from the Neanderthals of the Pleistocene Age to the Neanderthals of the 21st Century.

Mr. Miller uses his sharp wit to separate the fanciful, idealized biographies of famous and infamous people from the unblemished, naked, and sometimes shocking truth.


Miller combines dry wit, biting satire, and wise insight into human history to create a tale of tragic human fallacy. The trees, long suffering, bear witness to the fact that nothing changes, only repeats. Highly Recommended!
- Red Hawk, author of Self Observation


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About the Author
Thomas R Miller Thomas R Miller lives in East Africa with his cat, Minou. He has been a photographer most of his life. His photographs have been widely exhibited, reside in numerous public and private collections, and have won prestigious awards. Desert Skin, a book of his aerial photographs of the Colorado Plateau, was published by the University of Utah Press in 1995. What the Trees Saw An Intimate, Irreverent Look at Human Evolution is his third, and latest, book of words.



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