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The Self and the Lotus: A Jungian View of Indian Buddhism, Volume II by George R. Elder

The Self and the Lotus: A Jungian View of Indian Buddhism, Volume II

by George R. Elder

320 pages
This is a survey of the religion of Buddhism as it developed in India millennia ago, before its success elsewhere in Asia. At important junctures, the author pauses to reflect from a Jungian perspective, to find meaning for us today.

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Category: Religion:Buddhism:Zen
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About the Book
It is obvious to thoughtful persons that our culture is undergoing a major transition--as is our religion, the carrier of values and guide to meaning. It is essential, therefore, that we understand how religion functions when a culture is alive and well. Observing how it has functioned elsewhere, in another time and place, is a good way to gain objectivity about the religious life. And this survey of ancient Indian Buddhism serves that purpose.

It is important, too, that we try to interpret ancient wisdom in a modern way so that it has meaning for us. Thus, this work on Buddhism introduces the psychology of C. G. Jung and demonstrates to what extent Jung knew about Buddhism, how he used it to comment upon the psychology of religion in general.

This is the second volume of a two-volume work. Following the first volume's exploration of the "Life" of the Buddha and "Early Buddhist" teaching, this volume explores "Mahayana" teaching, Buddhist "Philosophy," and "Tantra." At important junctures of the discussion, the author pauses to reflect from the point of view of Jungian psychology.


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About the Author
George R. Elder is a scholar of comparative religions with a doctorate in Buddhist Studies. He is also a Jungian analyst. Dr. Elder is uniquely qualified to bring together a study of Buddhism at its historical roots with a modern interpretation of its meaning for us today.



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