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SURVIVOR BOY by Sandy Green


by Sandy Green

336 pages
Fire robs Elias of his home and loving family. Cruel betrayal robs him of the little he has left. He flees to make a home with the help of friends and a stray dog. After years at sea, he set out for adventure in wild, young America.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
In the year 1743, a boy named Elias was born in Hamburg in what would later become Germany. Eliasí life is forever changed when a fire robs him of his home and entire family. He is unfairly treated by those who promised to take care of him and runs away to live in a shack on his great grandfatherís property. On his own, Elias finds help and comfort with childhood friends and a stray dog which he eventually befriends. He is able to survive by working for food, doing odd jobs, hunting, growing a garden, and careful planning. He gets done whatever job his many employers task him with. When Elias is betrayed and his best friend is killed, he leaves for life as a sailor. While docked in England, he meets and falls in love with Lady Evangeline Duncan. This was a time when class, titles and wealth drew lines that were rarely crossed. Will this love endure?

Although a successful sailor, Elias longs for his own family and life as a farmer and hunter and sets out to scout the shores of America with Wild Fox, a Cherokee Indian whose clan lives in Virginia. Elias gains knowledge and skills from Wild Fox. Elias and Wild Fox live for a short time with the clan. Here, Elias learns about clan traditions and becomes as one of them before leaving to explore the lands of wild western Virginia. When he reaches the River of the Elk, Elias decides to make his home nearby. The Canawa Valley of western Virginia is a hostile, untamed land where one must live by skill and wit. Many different tribes of Indians travel through the territory, not all of them friendly. Eliasí childhood after the death of his family helped prepare him to survive so far from civilization. His knowledge of the environment and a willingness to work hard are a must.

Elias applies his skills in building and taming the land and his wife brings her traditional growing and crafting skills to bear. Despite starting out with nothing but their bare hands and the desire to survive they thrive.

In his golden years Elias takes his wife and visits Hamburg where he is reunited with old friends and learns about the fate of others. At long last, unanswered questions are answered.



About the Author
Sandy Green Sandy is the mother of two and the grandmother of four. She's retired from the West Virginia Public Service Commission where she worked as an administrative assistant to the director of the legal division. This is Sandy's first novel.



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