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Songs of our Time by Jenny Walker

Songs of our Time

by Jenny Walker

204 pages
A unique collection of songs written by members of ladies' choir, some catchy, some emotional, but all optimistic. Many were written during the lockdown of 2020, and reflect personal experiences and feelings.

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Category: Music
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About the Book
This book is brimming with melodies and harmonies composed by members of a singing group based in the UK. It contains various styles including some with an Irish twist, an adaptation of the Lords Prayer, some upbeat rock-style numbers and some sublime and evocative songs.

Many of the songs have been successfully performed at concerts, and it is based on the experiences and different backgrounds of various choir members. The songs are captivating and contain unique melodies and harmonies. They are designed to inspire and promote joy and hope.



About the Author
Jenny is a musician based in the UK, with a degree from the University of Wales and a diploma in piano performance from the Guildhall School of Music. She enjoys a rich musical life, running singing and instrumental groups and performing. She enjoys different styles including classical, folk and jazz.



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