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RAW: Afterlife vs Schizophrenia My Truth by Cheryl Ann Fletcher

RAW: Afterlife vs Schizophrenia My Truth

by Cheryl Ann Fletcher

196 pages
True facts of Psychic abilities that are not Schizophrenia but in fact legitimate proof that the voices you hear are considered voices from beyond. The Afterlife is real. You'll see what I have experienced and your eyes will be wide open.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Afterlife
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About the Book
In this book you will read legitimate stories base on my experiences as a renown psychic medium. I'm not afraid to share details with the world. In this book my experiences with the afterlife go from mild to extreme and will leave you at times speechless. There are twists and turns and at times you'll wonder no more, because my experiences with the afterlife are some you've heard about or have had similar episodes you've question about your own life. I have explained here what its really like to live in my ongoing life and I am sure many can relate to these situations. Here you will experience everything I've gone through and how I have dealt with my abilities and defended who I am to my last breath. There's no place to hide your feelings and you will be drawn to express your truth, too.

My truth I give you here are the events that's happened to many others, but no one wants to admit the voices are there or they've experienced my truth and you'll soon see they are real and not just imaginary in the thoughts of many who hide their truth. There are so many people living within these pages and they share my mind like we are twins to the unbelievable. I give you the Aha moments that will jump out at you as walk through these pages together. Here there are no doubts as the truth unfolds right before your eyes. I pray you can handle the RAW truth, but it wouldn't surprise me if you're hiding under a cover as this book sharpens your reality of the afterlife or those experiences you questioned once upon a time. I hide nothing here and there's no doubts place. I spell it out and leave nothing un-turned in the heads of skeptics or authority figures they assume what they are hearing couldn't be real. Hearing from the afterlife but they assume that they are crazy and that it couldn't be. Some are afraid to share what they've encountered for fear they will be told they need medication or they need to check into a psych ward. We are simply gifted people and in this book you will be able to identify with your own encounters you had or encounters from the afterlife you will experience. Once you realize it's ok to believe that there really is life after death this will open your minds eye.

Imagine a book that shakes you to the core or puts you on your knees and sends you to tell your story to the world. We are spiritually alive after death and many say its life after death but our spirit lives on forever. I've had an amazing life to have been able experience the unadulterated evil and the most Divine and to have lived to tell about this extraordinary life is a blessing of its own.



About the Author
Cheryl Ann has lived an extraordinary life. She's a legitimate Psychic Medium with experiences that will have you questioning the Afterlife vs Schizophrenia. Her Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice has worked to solve murders, missing and presumed, and effective communication with the afterlife for various ghost hunting teams.



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