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The (Chores) Choice of a Mom by Claudia May

The (Chores) Choice of a Mom

by Claudia May

514 pages
My journey through life and lessons learnt in Germany, Mexico, China and the US. Not every day was easy, but it has always been extraordinary! Family and friends are what matter most at the end of the day, enjoy every moment with them.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
I thought I would figure it out as I go. What else is there to do?

I was moved from Germany to Mexico against my will when I was 18. No slave trade, just my opinion wasn’t considered much by my parents who wanted a fresh start. I decided to hate everything and everybody. But despite my best efforts, I failed. This exotic country (in my teenage/adult eyes) and its people won me over in a heartbeat, so different from anything I had known until that point. I learned a new language and studied an engineering major. Don’t even get me started on that one, I hated chemistry then and now, just another life changing decision I wasn’t consulted about. But against all expectations, I graduated with a good GPA.

I got married, had a kid and moved to another city. I built a business and watched it fail. That didn’t stop me from having another kid (and we stop right here with that). Copy and paste several more failed entrepreneurial efforts to create a legacy.

Then let’s squeeze in another country thanks to my “Better Half’s”qualifications. Welcome to China and “ni hao ma”? I tried to learn it, how hard could it be? Languages are my forte. Well, not that one. I declared defeat after three months. But again, people went out of their way to help us communicate and we felt very welcome. Learning about new traditions and getting to know incredible places, I knew we were very blessed.

But let’s try moving once again, this time to the USA. Luckily, I spoke that language already. Yet another huge change, “Everything's bigger in Texas”, right? Add a dog and a cat (why not?), so adorable, but such scoundrels both of them. By then, I was trying to guide two teenage boys through hormonal adolescence attacks hoping there would be good adults coming out of the other side and took another swing at starting a business (the developer I paid to design my app ran with my money!). Then Covid hit and we decided to move once again, this time only four states north, nothing major, in the midst of a pandemic that nobody knew anything about yet. All the while pushing to avoid routine in my marriage (as per the priest who married us) to be a good wife, mother, daughter, friend etc…and trying to stay sane.

It’s easy, right? Everybody does it, right? WELL, IT’S NOT! But I wouldn’t change it for the world. My 47 years of existence have been filled with love and challenges, blessings and sadness, sometimes all at the same time…these emotions made me the person who I am today. And I am only just beginning! I am preparing to run a 10KM race ( I normally just run to the fridge to get my chocolate snacks) and have just finished a certification for Project Management (What???) For the first time in my life, I have written my professional resume (which looks all BUT ordinary) and next week, I will go to school to license myself as a Realtor. A new opportunity fell into my lap, without looking for it and I am grateful and excited.

Time to grow, time to start new, time to learn, it is NEVER too late! Don’t let ANYBODY tell you what you can or cannot do! Be a little crazy sometimes! What happened in Las Vegas will not always stay in Las Vegas and comes back as a PERMANENT tattoo. This is my journey through the craziness of life, it has to be fun or else it’s not worth living.

Come with me through this book to live in Germany, Mexico, China and the USA. The world is a great place, so let’s get to know it!



About the Author
Claudia May Just a girl who got dragged out of her tiny little German town to Mexico, found the love of her life…she then gave birth to two more (loves) and moved them to China, Texas and then Virginia. What is next? Who knows! The world is our playground, so let’s play!



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