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DESTINY by Paul Cox


by Paul Cox

410 pages
Hoping to recover lost memories, an Idaho logger joins the U.S. army as it invades Mexico in search of Pancho Villa.

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Category: Fiction:Historical:Thriller
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About the Book
A neophyte reporter, William Weston III, assigned to cover the U.S. army's search for Pancho Villa, quickly becomes entangled with a bull-of-the-woods lumberjack named Monte Segundo and Rosa del Carmen Fernandez Bustamonte, a fiery captain in the revolutionary army.

Together the trio plunge into the heart of the Mexican Revolution, Monte seeking revenge for the murder of his parents, Rosa struggling to justify the barbarism of Villa, and William attempting to find his place in a world he never knew existed. Each quest meets with failure and yet their fateful alliance is destined to change the course of history.


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About the Author
Paul Cox was born in rural Arkansas but grew up in California. In college he competed at the national level in the decathlon. Paul presently lives on a small ranch in Idaho.



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