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Women in Leadership: Excelling in Organizations by Sally S. N. Adukwu-Bolujoko

Women in Leadership: Excelling in Organizations

by Sally S. N. Adukwu-Bolujoko

242 pages
The book examines challenges women in leadership positions face. Complex socio-cultural contexts that shape gender and sexuality were explained.

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Category: Business:Leadership
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About the Book
Driving women's leadership energy is an important focus for 21st century workplace. It is time to cultivate the leadership of women in decision making. Effectiveness in today's work environment requires constant creativity and innovation, and surviving competition depends on how these are deployed. All these rest on the workforce - the decision makers. Including more women in organizational leadership will be innovative and will bring improvements in interpersonal relationships and productivity.

Women make up about half of the world's population and are effective at making decisions that affect their gender. They understand the dynamic roles gender play in the society and how it interacts with other aspects of life. The different nature women bring to bear upon workplace activities is interesting and nurturing. This researched work brings you to real women and men in organizational leadership talking about work life.



About the Author
Dr Sally is a rare combination of God's rich and matchless grace and rigorous discipline of the academic. She holds PhD in Industrial Relations, M.Phil. Industrial Relations, M.Sc. Industrial Sociology and Labour Relations, B.Sc. Sociology and Anthropology, and Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE). Sally founded three schools: one secondary and two elementary schools in 1978 and 1998 respectively. She worked as school administrator and advocate for women and girl child education for forty-two years before retiring in the year 2021. Presently she lives in Abuja and writes books.



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