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VIETNAM: RIGHT? or WRONG? by J. Randolph Maney Jr.


by J. Randolph Maney Jr.

436 pages
The Vietnam War was a watershed moment in American history, and the role it played in the Cold War is as little understood today, as when the war ended fifty years ago. So, it is now timely to take an in-depth look at that Cold War role.

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About the Book
Edward R. Morrow once said, “Anyone who isn’t confused [about Vietnam] really doesn’t understand the situation.” For many this quote is as true in 2023, on the 50th Anniversary of the war’s “end,” as it was when the war ended; therefore, it now seems timely to take another look at all this confusion. The “situation” in Vietnam was, to be sure, confusing to many who wanted to know, from the very beginning, why the United States became involved in those foreign rice paddies some 7,000 miles away, and it was equally confusing, at the end, to many who wanted to know why the United States, after it lost so much blood and treasure, abandoned its ally to communism in 1975. In an attempt to address these and other questions this account begins years before America became involved in Vietnam and ends years after it left. The Vietnam War proved to be a watershed moment in American history and I have picked this anniversary year to look back in time through a geopolitical lens to try and better understand that era. And, a better understanding of that moment in time might also prove helpful to understanding current events because past could well become prologue when it comes to completing unfinished business in Afghanistan and when it comes to ending the war in Ukraine.



About the Author
Mr. Maney was a trial lawyer in Vietnam and Chief of Military Justice in the 4th Infantry Division. He was also a prosecutor at DOJ and Chief of the Tax Division’s Southern Criminal Enforcement Section. After retirement, he helped bring rule of law to emerging nations as a consultant with the Treasury Department.



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