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PETAL: Revenge Is Never Free by Jarvis King

PETAL: Revenge Is Never Free

by Jarvis King

394 pages
In a small southern town, summer fun and boyhood antics are interrupted when an alcoholic father pimps his twelve-year-old daughter out for drugs. When the authorities are slow to act, two friends take vengeance on her abusive dad.

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Category: Fiction:Coming Of Age
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About the Book
In the quaint southern town of Petal, Mississippi, Joe Ellis Keene is surrounded by a cast of colorful characters. There’s a UFO chasing constable, a wise one-armed gardener, Cap’n Graybeard, a music loving macaw, and the “old farts” at The Country Kitchen, who are determined to keep secret the location of an impending explosives demolition.

School’s out and twelve-year-old Joe Ellis is rollicking through a summer of hilarious adventures with his dog, Sam, and best friend, Jimmy, until a horrible secret shatters childhood illusions. Their friend, Petal, named for their hometown, is being pimped out for drugs by her alcoholic father, Rand Watson. With his secret love for Petal, a manipulative character defect and a penchant for revenge against bullies, Joe Ellis becomes disturbingly obsessed with vengeance. After Watson attempts to kill his beloved Sam, Joe Ellis and Jimmy devise and carry out a vicious plan of retribution which goes terribly wrong. As the boys agonize over possible criminal ramifications for the scheme’s unforeseen outcome, Joe Ellis, confounded by a daughter’s unconditional love for her abusive father, fears that Petal will despise him should she discover the truth of his actions.

Set in 1975, in small-town America, with a rope swing and a swim-hole, Friday nights at the skating rink, trespassing to fish a farmer’s pond, daredevil challenges and Dixie Youth baseball, PETAL: Revenge Is Never Free is sure to delight and entertain readers of all ages.



About the Author
Jarvis King Jarvis King is a carpenter, writer and author of two other books: No Road for Cowards, an action, adventure novel and Y'all Ain't Gonna Believe This, a collection of short stories about hunting in Mississippi. He lives with his wife, Cindy, on a small farm in Bogue Chitto, Mississippi.



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