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Deliver Us From Evil by richard yochum

Deliver Us From Evil

by richard yochum

73 pages
This is a crime-adventure book showing what could happen if we let people or supremacist groups with destructive behavior run free. It displays one man's quest for justice and his organizations struggle to achieve that justice.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
About the Book
Matt Anthony is the leader of the newly established government agency, A.A.D.S.O., The Agency Against Domestic Supremacist Organizations. While on his way to Washington D.C. for a debriefing on his teams last mission, he learns of a murder of a Presbyterian Reverend in a little town named High Ridge, Wyoming. Once the team secretly "installs" themselves in High Ridge, the information gathering begins on the group claiming responsibility.

Shortly after this routine operation begins, things start to go astray. The team for the first time finds itself in mortal danger. This supremacist group is much more technologically advanced than originally thought. The hunters become the hunted. In the middle of no-where, with nothing but their experiences and knowledge to help them, Matt's team embarks on one of the most dangerous missions this young agency has yet to face.



About the Author
Rick Yochum is new to the writing world. His passion for details and creativity is highlighted in "Deliver Us from Evil". He works to show the evils of the world and has faith that these evils will be realized.



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