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In the Waiting: One Mom's Quest for Finding Joy and Faith During Her Daughter's TBI Recovery by Natalie Godfrey

In the Waiting: One Mom's Quest for Finding Joy and Faith During Her Daughter's TBI Recovery

by Natalie Godfrey

226 pages
A raw and truthful look at one momís emotional and spiritual struggle during the darkest and hardest time of her own life while her daughter fought for hers.

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Category: Memoir:Christian
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About the Book
Two months into the new reality of a worldwide pandemic, death came to collect another soul, not by way of a virus but in the form of a horrific car accident. An event that left one mom's daughter, who was three days short of finishing high school, badly broken and torn, and with a brain injury so severe, that no one gave her any chance of survival.

No one freely handed out any encouragement or optimism about the present, let alone the future, and watching her daughter sway between life and death for several weeks should have broken this mom's foundation of faith, but instead it became the catalyst that pushed her into a self-imposed quest to find joy and positivity, something she knew she would need to help her get through the grueling days that viciously waited ahead of her.

Through her daily writing, she chronicles the daunting journey of the darkest and toughest emotional and mental walk of her life, but it would in due course bring her the joy she sought after, strengthen her faith, and ultimately get her to the impossible; witnessing the miraculous gains in her daughter's physical and cognitive healing.


Miracles don't always happen in the blink of an eye. In the Waiting gives you a front row seat to watch the miracle of Taylor's recovery unfold through all the ups and downs and unknowns.
- Nicole Downing
This story of a family of faith that refuses to lose hope in the face of devastating tragedy, is a testament to endurance, and of God's unfailing provision for those who trust in Him.
- Joe Cross
God still performs miracles today! And the best part is, God is not finished with this miracle as Taylor continues to defy all of the man given odds. Thank you, Natalie, for sharing your journey so openly and candidly in In the Waiting.
- Lynn Hale



About the Author
Natalie Godfrey In the Waiting is Natalieís first published book. She lives in north-central Indiana with her husband and daughter on the family farm. Natalie is on staff at her church, is a hobby nature photographer, and loves to travel.



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