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STORM RISING by Robert D Miller


by Robert D Miller

344 pages
Actions planned to change U.S. policies and practices by attacks across the country. Attack cities, local events, services, even targeting loss of life, to force change in how the citizens are affected and treated.

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Category: Fiction:Thriller:Terrorism
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About the Book
A local sheriff is led to the discovery of four bodies. The bodies appear to be of middle eastern men with no definitive causes of death. A call is placed to FBI Agent, Jefferey Scott, requesting his assistance in investigating the deaths of the four men. Are the deaths just isolated murders? Might their deaths be an act of a racial hate crime? Or, could something more sinister be involved?

Investigation by Scott and his junior agent, Harry Sykes, lead them to multiple cities in several states following leads as well as their educated assumptions. As the number of disturbing events mushrooms, the two agents must draw in more law enforcement personnel to assist them. Everyday life is being impacted by attacks on critical municipal utilities and the deliberate execution of innocent masses seems inevitable.

The longer the evidence is analyzed and studied, the trail of leads becomes more entwined and the sadistic spider web of illicit actions and attacks continues to grow. Very real and potentially catastrophic threats to people's lives are imminent unless the perpetrators can be identified and stopped.

The question is, will the clues and leads be enough? Can the law enforcement officers led by Scott, be able to correctly discern the information being accumulated accurately and quickly enough to stop the activists before the threatened acts can be carried out? The storm is rising.


"...a story that should wake us all up to the undercurrent of discontent in our country. His character development is well done and you develop strong feelings, good and bad, for all characters. I enjoyed the story very much."
- H. McCarthy
"A new take on never before used weaponry that convinces the reader this could happen anytime.”
- K. Kapinos
"Kept me looking forward to the next chapter and wondering where and how it would end."
- E. Miller
"This book disturbingly reveals something that is actually possible today with all the powerful undercurrents in our modern world, which is a seething pot of unrest. The background, plot, and final solution of “Storm Rising” were captivating, gripping and amazing.

I have no solution for the lack of humanity in our modern world nor knowledge of what possible storms are rising. However, this book has reminded me to be forever grateful to our veterans, both past and present, for what they have done and will continue to do. I am in awe of them. Our law enforcement personnel and first responders are heroes. Thank you, thank you.

I believe Mr. Miller is a great author with tremendous insight. I hope this book is well read."
- Alice
"This book tells a story that is relative to the current climate of our world. The BAD GUY group called RIA are Anti-American radicals both American and foreign born, that have an interesting plan to kill as many Americans as possible in a very scary terrorist attack.

The leader and followers of this group create a well thought out way to achieve their goal until some poor judgement calls help the GOOD GUY group...called the FBI and local law enforcement agencies... foil the plan.

This is a page-turner and a GOOD READ!

Hope you enjoy it."
- Peggy J Graham
"I just finished reading your latest Storm Rising. I have to say it was a real "page-turner" & fun read! I think I enjoyed it not only because of the timely topic but because you did not encumber the reader with a philosophic political discussion of the differences that make our society so divisive today. I sense a screenplay in the making; perhaps a made for TV movie! Have you explored that, Bob?

What a wonderful talent you are, Bob; and look forward to your next novel."
- Rod
"This book is fantastic! The plot sure keeps you engaged the entire time. I highly recommend that you read it."
- K.D.



About the Author
Following his Bachelor’s degree, Robert Miller embarked on a 32-year career in public education in Montana as a teacher/coach, administrator, and superintendent. Miller and his wife lived in Texas and Washington before retiring to their home state of Montana. He continues his interest in writing and creating stained glass.



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