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Charles Manson Was A Pu**y by Ray Garmon

Charles Manson Was A Pu**y

by Ray Garmon

280 pages
CLEVIS DALTON lives a decent life. Betrayed by a man closer than blood, he withdraws into isolation. The wife who left him dies in an unbelievably sadistic way. Clevis is the only person who can find justice for her.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery:Hard-Boiled
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About the Book
CLEVIS DALTON lived a decent life and was the best cop he could be. Married to STELLA, the woman of his dreams, and working with WALDEN WADE, who he considered closer than blood. They were so effective as detectives that the Police Chief nicknamed them his G.T.Gs (Go To Guys). Betrayed by his wife and friend and emotionally shattered by an accidental killing, Clevis withdraws into seclusion.
Clevis's ex, now his former friend's wife, is slaughtered in almost indescribably horrendous fashion, for no apparent reason. Clevis is considered the only person who can make all the connections and check all the boxes to find justice for her. He's also known as a man who can hold his mud when the rubber meets the road. His former friend, now an LAPD Deputy Chief, persuades him to come back to L.A. and spearhead the investigation into the murder. Clevis agrees, only to honor the memory of what he had with his wife before she and his former friend backstabbed him.
On the first day of Clevis's involvement, he is attacked by a 6'6" body builder who almost literally breaks Clevis in half. Clevis bites the aggressor's nose entirely off and shoots him but injuries prevent pursuit and the attacker escapes. There's no way of knowing who the guy was or why he attacked Clevis or even knew where Clevis was.
Clevis has ongoing hatred for Walden because of the marital betrayal but they reach a working agreement to postpone violence toward each other until the investigation is complete.
Clevis recovers from his injuries and his attacker's corpse is found, head and hands removed. No dental records, no DNA, no fingerprints, no way of identification. Mystery piles atop violence and hatred. Clevis has a heated affair with a policewoman who is also working the case. They know that it won't last. She's crazy for Clevis but still wants to maintain her marriage. Clevis understands and has intensely conflicted emotions about the whole chimichanga, given his history with his wife, but the woman is a world of joy.
More murders are committed in the same signature way Stella was killed. There seems to be no logic around the bizarre crew doing these rabid killings. The other miscreants in this bunch are as demented as the attacking giant.
Clevis and the others in Wade's crew come tantalizingly closer to finding the killers. They engage in all manner of actions as they chase all manner of leads, including a massive firefight with a murderous biker gang. They interview people who become victims immediately after those interviews. Clevis and Wades' crew continue progressing but not quickly enough to identify and stop the savages performing the atrocities. It feels as if the people doing these sickening things are trying to prove that they're smarter, smoother, more creative, better in every way than any authority.
Then the charismatic leader of the crazy crew of miscreants decides to turn the case onto its head and attack Clevis and Walden and the rest of their crew. They almost kill everybody with a car bomb but Clevis and company are a tad harder to kill than the other victims. There are injuries all around and one of the criminal crew is sacrificed by the Dr. Demento-type leader but none of Clevis and Wades' crew dies. They're all holed up together in a big house owned by Wade's family as they heal.
The house is invaded and the team held by HARDIN JAMES, evil genius par excellence, and his team. Their motivation is revealed and it's stunning. Wade and Clevis are on the edge of being exterminated when they're saved by the bravest, most unlikely hero anyone can imagine.


This novel feels like a Quentin Tarantino film, though with Garmon's unique style. Plotting is remarkably clever, storyline is tight throughout. The hero's intensity (and our empathy after his heart is ripped out) keeps us absorbed from scene to scene. Most impressive are the characters. So provocative, so visceral, so mouthy! The dialogue is dynamite, you'll laugh out loud and wonder 'WHERE DOES HE COME UP WITH THIS STUFF?'
- David Aretha - Award winning author
A truly devastating tale of a love triangle between unique people. A gripping mystery with startling twists that'll keep you on the edge of your seat. The mixture of pop-culture and terribly flawed characters make this thrilling, powerful book a must read.
- Jonathon Mangum - co-host, LET'S MAKE A DEAL- NBC Television
This is the finest book ever written since the Guttenberg bible. If you don't read it, you'll be missing one of the greatest joys in life.
- Ray Garmon's Mommy



About the Author
RAY GARMON, originally from Alabama, has lived in L.A. since the Late Bronze Age. His smattering of education will, hopefully, not hurt his writing. He is a recovering drummer. He hopes you enjoy this book.



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