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NEXT STOP - UNKNOWN by Rick Pascal


by Rick Pascal

294 pages
Imaginative short tales of fantasy in a "Twilight Zone" fashion that lead the reader down one path, then take an unexpected twist toward an unpredictable ending. They include horror, fiction, irony, a bit of love and a touch of humor.

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Category: Fiction:Thriller:Supernatural
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About the Book
NEXT STOP-UNKNOWN is a compilation of imaginative short stories with the feel and flavor of "The Twilight Zone"... fantastical and disjointed tales, each different from the next. Stories comprise eerie, supernatural and mystical events, science fiction drama, shifting time periods, dark fantasy, gothic horror; even with a bit of romance and a touch humor added into the mix.

The reader is often surprised by the unexpected twist or surprise ending that he or she is faced with, leading them to realize, “I never saw that coming!”

Characters exhibit the same attributes that we all have – to one extent or another. Perhaps more so here: greed, envy, narcissism, egotism, pride, bigotry, arrogance. Some may also exhibit love, friendship, loyalty. How the characters use their traits and desires are the main points that drive each story; but to what end?


Rick Pascal's talent for storytelling is reminiscent of some of the great ones. His tales show great variety touching on the otherworldly. His use of irony and twists are a hallmark of many of his endings.
- Irwin Berkowitz, M.D., Author of "Instructions Not Included"
Rick has a flair for the unexpected. His writing style is perfect for this genre, and his ability to add that final twist to his short stories is exceptional. His character development is perfect for a short story as is his plot development leading up to very surprise endings.
- Ray Chuebon
Have to tell you I bought Detour and I could not turn the pages fast enough. Then I bought Next Stop Unknown and same thing occured...couldn't flip those pages fast enough. I'm hoping a 3rd book will emerge. Thanks for the entertainment.
- Gloria Goodman Barret
You sure have an imagination and you love surprise endings. Enjoyed your short stories. My favorites were: Lucas and the Coach, The Girl in the Ice Cream Shop, An Acquired Taste, and A Soldier’s Pride. I am constantly surprised at where you come up with the ideas for your stories and then your development of those ideas. Nicely done!!
- Dennis Nasitka
Five Stars! Brain stretcher! Couldn’t put it down. The title gives it away: one minute you’re the captain of a ship fighting off pirates, the next you’re a runaway slave, then you’re a fortune teller with a … you get the idea! These short stories will have your brain tied in knots. What an interesting read!
- L. McCann, author of "Inhuman Nature"



About the Author
Rick Pascal Following his earlier career in Engineering and Executive Recruiting, Rick pursued his more creative side; Actor, Playwright and Author. His debut book if fantastical short stories, "Detour," was published in 2020. Rick and his wife, Maxine, reside in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.



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