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Under the Southern Cross by Dan Feltham

Under the Southern Cross

by Dan Feltham

332 pages
Come sail with a seafaring family from Hawaii to Tahiti. Experience a typhoon and party on a desert island. Catch a Mahimahi, sail with the dolphins and learn a few sailing terms. When you arrive, fall in love again.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
What is it like to cast off your professional and social moorings, sail across an ocean and re-establish a new life in a place like Tahiti? Climb aboard the yacht Cherish and experience with loved ones and friends the awesomeness of sea and sky, calm and a mid-Pacific typhoon, memories and future dreams. This book is the third in the series of the Stockton family sailing adventures. It is also a love story that is possible but not probable you be the judge. The time frame is 2018, prior to our world pandemic, but at a time when all the world is in chaos and the Stocktons seek and hopefully find peace and fulfillment doing what they love with the ones they love. Let this story awaken you to another kind of life for this is about what dreams are made of. Aloha.


Under the Southern Cross is the capstone in Dan Feltham's trilogy about sailing and the life adventures of the Stockton family - The Edge of Time and O'Taheiti Dreamin'. Dan is a master of describing what it is like being on a long passage in a small sail boat. I would recommend the book to anyone who loves sea stories, family stories or just an engaging, well written novel.
- Norm Dawley
Author Dan Feltham has done it again. He has written another wonderful read laced with great sailing, romance, adventure, and even a little local politics thrown in. His development of characters continues to be engaging; descriptions of scene lush, and reading style relaxing. A great read.
- Don Ilfeld
If you liked The Edge of Time and O'Taheiti Dreamin' you're sure to enjoy this final Tahitian adventure of the Stockton family. Feltham's smooth, engaging prose--and knowledge of the sea and sailing--makes for easy reading, and his story telling is like a pleasant daydream you don't want to wake from.
- Kerry Morrison



About the Author
The author lives in Southern California with wife, Erika. Born - Long Beach - 1934. He is a graduate Geologist of Stanford University. After working in North Africa in petroleum exploration, he joined IBM in Hawaii, Southeast Asia, Saudi Arabia and Southern California. He raced sailboats most of his life.



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