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Little Chicken, Where Are You? by Lynn Duke

Little Chicken, Where Are You?

by Lynn Duke

36 pages
Farmer Mommy takes care of baby chicks and shows their growth with humor and photographs. Their conversations show them in all sorts of crazy chicken situations. Run Around Sue has a best friend, Orangie, and Big Bertha is a bully!

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Category: Fiction:Children:Humorous Stories
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About the Book
Run Around Sue is a baby chicken. She is adorable, and so is her best friend Orangie. As they grow up together, they get into some tough chicken situations. Run Around Sue also has two sisters who help her figure out chicken life. They give Run Around Sue some sisterly advice and, with help from Orangie, she grows up to be a beautiful White Rock laying hen!

In time, Farmer Mommy brings together two separate flocks of chickens. And, when Run Around Sue discovers that she and her flock can fully free range, and run in the back yard, there could be some hazards along the way. Orangie starts asking some very serious questions, and influences Run Around Sue without knowing it.



About the Author
Lynn Duke Lynn Duke cares for chickens and found they have unique and often very silly personalities. She lives in South Carolina where the weather in the summer is horribly hot, but the rest of the year it is mild. This makes it perfect for raising chickens. For eggs only, of course!



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