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Altogether Alien by Lauryne Wright

Altogether Alien

by Lauryne Wright

346 pages
In this sixth Other Worldly novel, Rowan Layne travels to an unexpected place in space awash in the essence and vibration of higher self. But is it unconditional love or uncontrollable desire she’s feeling for yet another alien entity?

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Category: Fiction:Fantasy
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About the Book
Alien rights advocate Rowan Layne feels as if she’s spiraling down a rabbit hole when two hot-as-lava males approach her in Las Vegas, revealing where they’re from and what they seek—without her having to ask myriad questions.

In this sixth Other Worldly novel, Rowan travels to an unexpected place in space awash in the essence and vibration of higher self. But is it unconditional love or uncontrollable desire she’s feeling for yet another entity who seems strangely familiar?

An overwhelming wave of new and old friends intent on marriage and babies has Rowan convinced the universe is messing with her. Not to mention cheeky roadrunners. It’s bad enough she’s turning sixty with an Oregon birthday celebration featuring miniature golf and Mom shoe shopping online, but there’s also potentially dangerous intrigue simmering near Washington’s Mount Adams.

Rowan plunges into an intergalactic feud with plans to author another alien tell-all book, but a new foe out to manipulate violent US anti-alien factions for maniacal ends has her traveling to Scotland and the Big Island of Hawaii. There, she and her alien, fae, and human-hybrid pals must come together to protect those they love.

It’s a disco-dancing whale of a tale. A surfing safari of swirling psychedelic vortexes, dolphins, and seals. Fasten your seatbelt and join Rowan and her critters for a volcanic and enlightening ride—any way you spell it. Aloha and beep beep!


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About the Author
Lauryne Wright resides in the Las Vegas area with her critter sidekicks hoping that one day soon, she’ll hit the jackpot and her novels will come true…or the truth will come to light.



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