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God's Existence Makes Absolutely No Sense: That is Why I Believe by James F. Malerba

God's Existence Makes Absolutely No Sense: That is Why I Believe

by James F. Malerba

152 pages
In this book I reveal to the reader why I feel God's existence makes absolutely no sense and then reveal throughout the work why I have such a strong and irrevocable belief in Him. It is my lifelong faith journey.

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About the Book
This work is a compilation of my events in a faith journey that began as I engaged in a so-so Catholic Church practice to a gradual embracing and immersing into daily Mass, and a total renunciation of sin. I take the reader from my early youth when nuns taught us the catechism and all the common Catholic prayers to an up-and-down relationship with God during my college years and beyond.

However, I also point out that it was not until after a few years of married life that I began attending Mass daily. The catalyst was my wife’s devout faith. Once I enhanced my daily spiritual actions, from attending Mass to reciting the rosary and many other prayers, I found my spiritual niche with no small credit to the Holy Spirit. I make no claim whatever to perfection, and I am no saint, but immersing myself in God’s will has made me an infinitely stronger believer and person.

I do not preach or ask the reader to make a stronger faith commitment, just to accept God and believe that eternal rewards lie at the end of our journey here on Earth. Further, I employ humor and even a few jokes throughout the book. After all, God has a sense of humor. My late wife told me that, saying, “God loves humor. He created you, didn’t He?” Yes, and I thank him every day upon awakening for the incredible gifts of life and faith. They are irreplaceable and I am grateful to not only have them, but also to fully embrace him with immense joy and gratitude.



About the Author
James F. Malerba James F. Malerba is a cradle Catholic and daily communicant at Saint Peter the Apostle Church in Naples, Florida, where he also lives. In this work, he reveals numerous personal details that led him from a tepid belief to a total commitment to his Faith.



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