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Love, Death, and Whisky: The Last Wee Dram by Rick Tuber

Love, Death, and Whisky: The Last Wee Dram

by Rick Tuber

256 pages
Diagnosed with a terminal illness, Rob Turner leaves his family behind and embarks on a bucket list-adventure in Scotland. There, he meets a wise old man whose wildly impossible predictions propel him home with the possibility of hope.

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About the Book
Life is predictably random, and no one knows that better than the recently retired Rob Turner who spends his days watching reruns on TV, sitting on his patio deck drinking whisky, and waiting for his wife Susan to return home from work. His carefree (ok, boring) existence is shattered when his doctor delivers the devastating news that he has less than a year to live. Hoping to spare his family the pain of waiting for him to die, Rob decides to keep his diagnosis to himself.

When Susan comes home from work one day and finds Rob deep in conversation with a squirrel, she suggests he get out of his rut by taking a trip. Rob jumps at the opportunity, and within days he embarks on a month-long bucket list-adventure to Scotland.

Though his looming death is constantly on his mind, Rob enjoys a couple of weeks touring the distilleries, lochs, and castle ruins of the Scottish Highlands. The last stop on his tour is the Isle of Islay, and itís there that he meets two people who will change his outlook on life: Mia, an attractive British widow who brings him to the brink of temptation, and Moses, a Scottish shaman of sorts who, upon hearing of Robís impending death, predicts a much happier ending for him.

Rob boards his flight back to LA feeling renewed, refreshed, and ready to face his destiny, whatever it may be. He canít wait to see Susan and share a few surprises he has for her, not the least of which is coming clean about his diagnosis.

Will it be the reunion made in heaven that heís hoping for? When life is predictably random, itís anybodyís guess.



About the Author
Rick Tuber Rick Tuber was an Emmy award-winning film editor, documentary filmmaker, and author. His writing, both fiction and nonfiction, draws on his forty years of film editing experience. Love, Death, and Whisky, his fifth book, was published posthumously.



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