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Devil in the Details by GEG

Devil in the Details

by GEG

302 pages
A serial killer is providing false leads to the FBI on missing person cases. The Special agent in charge, Koi, works with her new boyfriend, a homicide detective with NOPD, to find the real killer.

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Category: Fiction:Thriller:Crime
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About the Book
When Koi is handed a missing persons case, she finds twelve missing young women, all from southern states, the year 2010. She asked an old detective friend from the New Orleans Police Homicide unit, Sarg, if she can enlist the help of his partner. Jordan Matthews was a former football player at LSU. Koi asks if he can interview a couple of professors of a student who attended LSU and went missing at the same time as Jordan.

Jordan's case, a murder case, becomes entangled with the FBI as the agency wants to arrest the Mexican drug lord whose American girlfriend ordered the hit on Jordan's victim.

Jordan and Koi become lovers working both cases together. With the help of an eccentric FBI hacker, Liz, the find the real clues that leads them to an abandon cemetery.


Suspenseful eerie mystery book. Read this book if you are looking for a murder mystery, suspenseful, page turner, puzzle solving, detective stories, with a little bit of workplace romance book! Reading about the two main characters mysteries and how they solved them was very interesting. I liked how you also got to see a little point of view of those commenting the crimes as well as some of those affected by the crime. I also enjoyed the process of how the book played out, with the murders happening at the beginning and going the whole book trying to solve it along with the two main characters stemming a relationship with each other. I definitely had my guesses of who the serial kidnapper was but was shocked towards the end of the book after discovering who the true villain was. The Devil in the Detail is a mysterious, whodunnit, detective, thrilling novel, that will have you guessing until the end.
- Izabella Davis
“Devil in the Details” is an engaging romantic thriller with intriguing characters to root for, a surprising plot twist and a strong female lead character. I want to learn more about Koi Blackthorn and her Native American heritage.
- Trish Romer
Love Koi, strong, beautiful, and unwilling to take crap from anyone. A perfect character for the series.
- Amy
This book, Devil in the Details is a great representation of a Novel filled with mystery, romance and suspense. The main character Koi Blackthorn is a strong woman with a mind of her own. She partners with Jordan Matthews (homicide detective) to solve a case and together they become a dynamic duo discovering clues and getting closer to answers of the mysterious plot of a serial killer. They also in the depths of their work relationship find romance along the way, you will be guessing until the end. The mystery and suspense throughout make this a real page turner! It will keep you interested and intrigued. I finished this book in two days as it was hard to put down! This was an easy-to-read thriller and I look forward to the next one in the series.

If asked, I would rate 5/5 Stars as this was a great novel from start to finish.



About the Author
GEG GEG works as an accountant when he is not writing or reading. He enjoys nature and spends as much time as he can visiting national parks.



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