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A Bird Named Enza by Dawn Meier

A Bird Named Enza

by Dawn Meier

176 pages
Historical drama of desperation and death during Influenza of 1918.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
About the Book
Frederick "Walter" Kelley, a master carpenter, moved his family to a small, emerging town in South Dakota in 1909. The small town atmosphere allowed the Kelley family to become respected members of the community. The citizens in this closely-knit community were like extended family and lived blissfully until two horrible events changed their lives forever. In 1918, World War 1 ravished the entire world. On the heels of soldier casualties of America's young men came the horrendous Influenza of 1918. The hundreds of thousands of war casualties paled in comparison with worldwide casualties by influenza, which numbered in the tens of millions. Walter Kelley tried desperately to protect his family and town from the perils of the influenza. Struggling with fear, helplessness, and then grief, he watched his town and family succumb to the deadly disease one by one. The cause of this pandemic has never been fully determined. Even today, as scientists exhume tissue samples of fallen victims, we know nothing more about its origin. In 2007, the world is concerned about a possible bird flu pandemic. Experts are comparing this new threat to the Influenza of 1918. This is not a casual statement to make, as you will learn from reading this book.



About the Author
Dawn Meier lives in the beautiful Coast Range Mountains of Western Oregon. It is in these peaceful surroundings that Dawn is able to pursue her passion of writing fiction. She is currently working on a thriller novel, which takes place in the luscious northwest forests.



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