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180 Days by R Frank Sanders

180 Days

by R Frank Sanders

310 pages
180 Days follows the exploits of the K-Team - Jack, Dee, Ig and Jim - and their colleagues and students through a year at Scotch Valley Middle School. The initiation of the Productive Educational Experiment (PEE) to make school a paying proposition adds a Helleresque twist that makes for funny and thought-provoking reading.

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Category: Fiction:Humor
About the Book
180 Days is a black comedy about a year in the life of the K Team: Jack, Dee, Ig and Jim, and their colleagues and students at Scotch Valley Middle School. The story takes place in an unnamed northeastern state at an unspecified time - a time when there are no unions, governmental power has devolved to the local level and the sanctity of the family unit has become paramount, even when that places individual members in jeopardy.

A tax revolt by the citizens leads to the election of a prominent businessman as the president of the school board. He decides to turn the school into a money-making proposition in order to cut the school budget and reduce taxes.

Jack is a veteran teacher recently returned from an eye-opening sabbatical trip. As the new school year unfolds, several incidents - ranging from discipline problems and sexual abuse to the deaths of a teacher and a former student - cause Jack to question his role as a teacher and what America is really about. After staging a telling revision of A Christmas Carol just before the Christmas holidays, he disappears.

Book II is Jim's story. Jim is a rookie teacher who Jack had taken under his wing. Under Jack's tutelage, Jim began to grow both personally and professionally. After Jack's disappearance,however, Jim faces challenges of his own. While some of the teachers band together to fight the PEE, Jim finds an ingenious way to thwart the school board president's plan but must decide whether he will remain in teaching or not.



About the Author
R Frank Sanders The author taught in a middle school for over ten years before moving to Germany where he worked for various US universities. In 1994, he moved to Melbourne, Australia to get his PhD. He got an MA and a wife instead. Mr Sanders teaches ESL when he isn't writing.



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