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Breathe: Run Your Race by Sahara Stafford

Breathe: Run Your Race

by Sahara Stafford

266 pages
There has been one catastrophe after the other. Hannah was unable to find the meaning to her suffering. Her dreams are shattered by her husband's betrayal. Her weapon of faith fought back against the turmoil around her.

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Category: Memoir
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About the Book
This story is filled with terrifying tragedies that struck Hannah's life. Everything hit her at once, changing her circumstances in a heartbeat. Her family reunion turned into a nightmare when she was flung off the tractor and woke up trapped in a hospital bed, tormented by nightmares which were becoming a reality.

Her world was turned upside down when her husband's betrayal left her no option but to end their marriage. The physical pain was nothing compared to the emotional pain. Sadness weighed her down as she grieved for her past. Sorrow seemed to stalk her as was faced with the challenge of her business having to close and was confronted with financial insecurity. Inexplicable mysteries were unfolding as she had to deal with the fact that someone tried to poison her, someone very close that had shifty intentions and had premeditated the incident. There was a major violation of how her world had become.

She was grateful that her elder sister was always there to support her as she faced her difficulties. A stable support system was of crucial importance. The fears that encompassed Hannah diminished as she learned to embrace the manner of her new life. She learned meaningful lessons from all the trials she encountered. Prayer was her most powerful weapon against all her struggles. Her trust in God kept her determined and to appreciate things in a different way, never to take anything for granted.



About the Author
Mother of three. Had various occupations but spent most of her career in the insurance industry focusing on Human Resources. She is registered as a qualified assessor within the training sector. When she is not working, she can be found reading a variety of books or watching sport. She recently started exploring art.



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