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The Alcoholic: A Hero Contends for His Soul by T.S. Flanagan

The Alcoholic: A Hero Contends for His Soul

by T.S. Flanagan

688 pages
A spectacular underachiever with a serious drinking problem finds instant fame when he kills a notorious murderer who has broken into his home. The ensuing national drama exposes his character flaws on his reluctant road to recovery.

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About the Book
Can a modern-day hero defeat addiction?

Some people are born with seemingly limitless talent, be it in their intellectual capacities, athletic prowess, artistic abilities, or personal aplomb. Roland Hazzard is one of those rare individuals. Nothing should stand in his way.

Yet he suffers from one glaring deficiencyóhe canít control and enjoy alcohol. His addiction threatens to destroy the promise of his many gifts.

Now fate throws Roland an opportunity that could change everything. A notorious serial killer is stalking a woman in his building and breaks into Rolandís apartment by mistake. Rolandís slaying of the monster makes him an instant celebrity and he cultivates an outrageous vigilante persona that, on the one hand, scorns the traditional news media and, on the other, spawns a huge internet following.

His fame attracts more violence, and the violence more attention, until Roland is in constant demand and making a lot of easy money.

Rolandís drunken behavior eventually gets him into serious trouble, and a secret crime from his past comes to light.

Will he overcome his self-destructive nature?

Or will the alcoholic sink into obscurity?



About the Author
T.S. Flanagan T.S. Flanagan lives in California and holds degrees from U.C. Berkeley and the University of Iowa. He has won several literary awards and is the author of a history book on the Post-Civil War Reconstruction.



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