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Chasing the Blue Boat by Connie Kallback

Chasing the Blue Boat

by Connie Kallback

258 pages
A nine-year-old girl grieves the devastating loss of her brother. Three years later, she visits her father and his new family and disappears. Search teams comb nearby mountains, unaware she is struggling on a life-threatening journey.

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About the Book
Nine-year-old Dana Foster, wanting to be brave like her older brother Luke, joins him in forbidden adventures. They dash through the neighborhood scaling fences, climbing walls and swinging from branches. After a storm, they chase his model sailboat in the run-off along the curb by the street. Sailing swift and straight ahead of them, it swoops into a storm drain, leaving only a haunting image she canít forget. Her world shatters when she loses Luke in a tragic accident.

Nothing is the same. Quarrels and blame replace conversations while the family struggles through grief. Daily living patterns change when Dad begins weekly airport trips to work assignments in another state. Mom abandons her home pottery business for a job opportunity in an office.

Although months pass, Dana wants life to return to the way it was. She wants her brother back, even with his incessant teasing. Her only comfort comes from talking to him in heaven.

Three years later, still missing her brother and suppressing anger for her father, Dana visits him and his new family. While finishing a project in their wooded yard, she disappears. Search teams comb nearby mountains, unaware she is struggling on a life-threatening journey.

Chasing the Blue Boat follows a broken family in the early 1970s from New York to Western North Carolina as they heal through the hope and humor of strangers, start their lives anew and learn to forgive.



About the Author
Connie Kallback Connie Kallback transitioned from teaching English to publishing with CCMI/McGraw-Hill, Prentice Hall and CPP, Inc in positions from acquisitions to managing editor. Her writing, while teaching, was published in a wide range of magazines, and her recent creative nonfiction, in journals. She lives in South Carolina with her husband.



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