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The Band Director's Pocket Guide to Spiritual Growth: 3 Simple Steps to Becoming the Person You Want to Be (and God Intended You to Be) by Donald Lee

The Band Director's Pocket Guide to Spiritual Growth: 3 Simple Steps to Becoming the Person You Want to Be (and God Intended You to Be)

by Donald Lee

68 pages
In this handy little book, spiritual author and band director Donald Lee gives three simple steps to put your spiritual growth into high gear. Using music as a metaphor for spiritual growth, he explains how you too can become a saint!

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About the Book
The Fast Track to Spiritual Growth!

In this little booklet, you’ll find a simple yet relatively unknown process you can use to make definite and rapid spiritual progress. You’ll find no theology, no dogma, no rules—just three simple steps to help you become the person you want to be—and God intended you to be.

If you have attended workshops and retreats, read spiritual books, gone on pilgrimages, and sat for hours in prayer and meditation, yet still feel like you’re spiritually spinning your wheels, this simple method might be the thing that finally gives you some traction.

This method transcends religion. It doesn’t matter which religion you follow or if you’ve no religion at all.

1. The first step is to set spiritual goals. We set goals in every other aspect of our lives. Why not with our spirit? But it’s not quite the same. Setting spiritual goals is a little different.
2. The second step is connecting to the Divine within. This might seem strange to you. Maybe you thought “God” was something outside of you. But there are some simple and direct ways to connect to that “divine within,” whatever name you choose to give it.
3. The third step is to practice. Just like learning to play a musical instrument—or learning any skill—you have to practice. This book gives you some guidance on how to do that.

In the end, the Band Director can give you a musical instrument and some instruction, but the instrument is in your hands. It’s up to you to become whatever you choose to be. But you might want to consider the bigger vision that God has for you. You are meant to be far more than you imagine!

On your spiritual journey, you can choose to progress or regress, to move slowly or quickly, to pause and plateau or rush forward with wild abandon. Our destination is God. Why tarry? Why not choose the fast track of spiritual growth?

This booklet is about how to change yourself for the better. You can be the person you desire to be. You can be a saint. In fact, that is your destiny. You are here for that. God has put the desire into your heart. He is calling to you. Forge ahead, timid pilgrim—the Promised Land awaits!


“This is an awesome guide! Thank you! I am going to present this to our youth group at my church.”
- Kathy Speakman Long



About the Author
Donald Lee Donald Lee is a spiritual author and speaker. His work aims to bring spirit into materiality, to help people be in the world but not of the world, to guide people along their spiritual journey back to God. And in the process, to live our physical life to the fullest.



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