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Macom Farm by Tom Baldwin

Macom Farm

by Tom Baldwin

456 pages
Macom Farm—beautiful and sinister—with dark secrets and unique attributes—a developer's dream! Jason & Andrea endure ugly twists and hardships in intense standoffs between developer, townsfolk, and unknown forces with evil intentions.

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Category: Fiction:Romance:Suspense
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About the Book
Macom Farm, in the Township of Prank, a hideaway hamlet in Connecticut—is as beautiful as it is sinister, as tranquil as Gettysburg’s killing fields before the battle cries. Prank has complicated social maladies, underlying secrets, and remarkable attributes as a developer's dreamland, seen by Sullivan Development as a singularly unique opportunity to build a magnificent city structure. Conquering the obstacles devolves into a daunting contest no developer in history has been confronted with before.

Jason Lang recently graduated and newly hired at Sullivan, is appointed project manager in charge of exploring the viability of Prank—a seemingly benign career start that instead becomes his baptismal journey into chaos and mayhem. In due course, Jason teams up with Andrea Cole; a stunningly beautiful social analyst hired to evaluate the impact of such a project on the Prank population. Andrea and Jason find common ground and begin an intensely intimate and gripping relationship that endures many twists and ugly hardships.

If developers were to descend on Prank and disturb its anthills, the peaceful calm of rural living would be forever disturbed. But worse, a thriving local operation would be severely threatened, and that cannot be allowed to happen.

Macom Farm begins the chronicle as an intense standoff between the developer, the townsfolk, and an unknown force with evil ambitions—a mixture of clever parry-and-thrust, legal maneuvering, cyber warfare, flawed law, brutal murders, and perverse strategies.


The very first chapter is mind-bending! There is a subtle sense of tension and impending doom. Curiosity kept me scrolling faster than I was reading. Filled with prose that pique's the reader's mind. Excellent use of words and imagery. Overall, great dialogue in an awesome story packed with a lot of information. There is definitely much for the reader to learn and enjoy.
- Samiat Bakare, Editor an Reviewer
What a story! Every page is a turner. Both intense and amusing in author's unique style of interrelating a myriad of related subject matter. His handling of the intense romance between Andrea Cole and Jason Lang makes one wish to become one or the other—it is heartwarming and beautiful.
- Less Cobb, Reviewer



About the Author
Tom Baldwin Earlier, editor of school newspapers. Later, crime and features news reporter, author of major shipbuilding proposals for naval and commercial ships; published in Yankee, DownEast, Yankee Fisherman. Wrote classified white papers for nuclear naval sea maneuvers, and scripts for marketing and technical films. Well-travelled in forty-eight states and twenty-six countries. Attended Colorado School of Mines and University of Maine. Lives in Florida, near Sarasota.



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