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Tomorrow Maybe by Rolla Donaghy

Tomorrow Maybe

by Rolla Donaghy

102 pages
After a funeral, teenage girls try to help their families by babysitting Adam, a 6-year old child with whom they share their imagination, books, and love of flowers. TOMORROW MAYBE is a middle grade coming-of-age story for Grades 7-10.

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Category: Fiction:Coming Of Age
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About the Book
Teenage girls, Bettina and Abigail, who meet at a funeral in Virginia Beach, end up in the same household when asked to help by babysitting during school break. Agreeing to watch 6-year-old Adam, the girls take him to a park daily, reading to him on a bench near a frog pond. They create plans and adventures for him, knowing their goal is to make it safely through the summer.

With their families in distress, the girls trust their own ingenuity and imagination, make frequent mistakes, and face the consequences with optimism and humor. They teach Adam about Coneflowers, a type of daisy that they admire, and how to take care of the environment and each other.

Tomorrow Maybe is an inspirational story about adolescents with limited resources who strive to share their love of flowers and books to help their families heal.


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About the Author
Rolla Donaghy Canadian author Rolla Donaghy studied theatre arts and music in high school. After college, she worked as an elementary educator in Toronto, Boston and Honolulu with a specialty in reading development.



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