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The Scarf by Sandi Nelson and Debra Lou Jerrow

The Scarf

by Sandi Nelson and Debra Lou Jerrow

47 pages
A journey with breast cancer--a journey of the soul.

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Category: Health:Medicine:Cancer
About the Book

The Scarf looks at a woman's journey with breast cancer not as a story of survival but as an opportunity for the soul to learn. It is about second chances and getting in touch with your spiritual side.

The co-author of this book, Deb Jerrow, rediscovered her spiritual self through her sometimes painful and difficult experience. She now looks at her breast cancer as a gift.

The Scarf could not have been written without Divine guidance and assistance. It was written to help women realize that a diagnosis of cancer is not a death sentence but an opportunity to make positive and necessary changes in the way you live your life.

The book explains the physical and emotional changes that come with cancer but also looks at the cancer experience from a light-hearted, humorous, and down-to-earth point of view. Most importantly, The Scarf lets women know that they are not alone in their battle with cancer.

Whether you are currently fighting cancer, or have a friend or relative who is going through this life-altering experience, The Scarf, will make you smile, give you hope, and help you see that all experiences in life are actually lessons for our soul.



About the Author
Sandi Nelson is a Registered Nurse. She has chosen to continue her spiritual growth and share her personal and professional experiences with others, through writing.

Deb Jerrow has recently completed the most important journey of her life, a journey she wants to share with other women.



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