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Age Is Your Edge: How to Find Purpose and Fulfillment in Midlife by Scott Papek

Age Is Your Edge: How to Find Purpose and Fulfillment in Midlife

by Scott Papek

132 pages
Age Is Your Edge is a self-help book about mid-life management that includes strategies, tools and real-life relatable stories that help you discover purpose and develop a positive, resilient mindset during mid-life.

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About the Book
Exploring our full potential is an ongoing process that takes place throughout our entire lives. Yet even though we know this truth deep inside, sometimes we use age or our current responsibilities as an excuse to stay in our comfort zones, even though deep down we’re miserable. By changing our mindset, clarifying our purpose, and focusing on what we can do instead of what we can’t, we can become empowered to courageously move toward our dream life and achieving our potential, one step at a time.


In this self-help book about mid-life management, Scott Papek shares his personal and professional experiences and real-life stories to guide mid-lifers through a simple self-discovery process that shares introspective questions, details the four pillars of CARE, and explores mental skill strategies that open the heart and strengthen the mindset to embrace all the possibilities, no matter the age. Through his roadmap, mid-lifers will learn how to be comfortable in the uncomfortable, discover the importance of identifying strengths and core values, set appropriate, realistic goals, incorporate positive self-talk into every action every day, and overcome fear and distractions.


The author covered things that many of us deal with as we age. He called things out for what they are and gave actionable steps on how to work and breakthrough to the other side. My favorite chapter that I keep going back to was on being uncomfortable.
- Ken Cousino
We live in a time where growing older is a negative thing. Scott calls that out and explains how we've all cultivated skills and resilience along the way. He explains how we all have greatness in us and laid out an action plan to bring it to life.
- John Butler
My motivation to do anything for myself has been dismal for a while. I have been searching for solutions to help me get my mojo back. Age Is Your Edge spoke directly to me and I'm working on the questions now on finding my true purpose.
- Kristine Carson



About the Author
Scott Papek Scott Papek is a managing partner, media professional, artist, and talent/midlife coach who spent over twenty years in the music business. A curious creative and lifelong learner, Scott firmly believes in falling in love with something first, and then persevering through the climb to find happiness. He resides in Boston, Massachusetts, with his wife, Julie, and their twins, Gabe and Adele.



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