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EXISTENCE WITH AND WITHOUT TIME: Discovering the True Nature of Humankind by Michael J. Zino

EXISTENCE WITH AND WITHOUT TIME: Discovering the True Nature of Humankind

by Michael J. Zino

300 pages
This book probes the nature of humankind and whether the degradation of people and society results because we are flawed beings; or does it occur due to the inadequacy of religious, philosophic, and psychological thought.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Consciousness
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About the Book
We have reached a point in human history where the continued survival of our species is in doubt. Humanity has progressed scientifically and materially but our spiritual, psychological, and emotional development has lagged far behind technological advancements. This has resulted in humankind finding itself in a perilous situation that can be characterized as an age of anxiety. The solution to this condition is likely more obvious than the intellect is willing to admit.

In Existence With And Without Time I examine the question of whether the paradox that is human nature, which encompasses the unity of opposites, contains within itself the answer to our current plight. What I conclude is that the remedy to our present predicament can be found in the collective unconscious of humanity. It is by bringing into consciousness what the intellect either does not know or does not wish to know that we realize a fantastic future awaits us as individuals and as a society.

The freedom to determine what and who we are is pivotal for us to fulfill our potential and secure our destiny. Political and religious freedom come to mind quickly when we think of being free, but also integral for self-realization are cognitive and emotional freedom. The prescience to achieve a thriving tomorrow will depend upon the humility to accept that our growth and development are dependent upon intelligence beyond solely that of the cognitive mind. Existence With And Without Time explores how to bring the wisdom of intelligence that is not our own into knowable reality through the use of myth, mindfulness, and devotion to authenticity. We can then experience the stillness and peace in the true nature of humankind, which reveals the presence and love of Ultimate Reality as well as the rationale for existence.



About the Author
Michael J. Zino Michael J. Zino is an economist by training. His long career in city and state government coincided with the near bankruptcy of New York City and the need to understand its cause. This experience motivated him to ultimately question if human nature is the root of personal and societal misfortunes.



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