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Ré, A Journey by Sparsh Kothari

Ré, A Journey

by Sparsh Kothari

878 pages
Ré is a journey of a man, Minzhé, entrenched in the fibers of psychosis. Through several romances, he learns more about his traumatic past. Through these experiences, he arrives at a definitive spiritual and worldly realization of identity.

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Category: Fiction:Psychological
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About the Book
Ré describes the journey of a man who lives on the margins of hubris, identity, and romance. Minzhé must come to grips with his identity as both a liberator and world leader. He will arrive to personal and worldly realization through a series of romantic encounters in which he learns more about himself, his traits, and his personal trauma and background. Through his experiences, he will come to appreciate a dialectic and interplay of love and power that pervades his inner and public struggle to authentically assert his identity. Love and power as compatible and polarizing forces haunt and liberate Minzhé through the treacherous yet beauteous arms of infidelity. He will be challenged with a series of choices in order to move the plot of the narrative forward. Some choices will require him to abandon what he has known and that which he is loyal to in order to breach esoteric realms of romance that become essential in understanding his trauma, growth in maturity, and development of identity.

Ré is a godly figure that frequently possesses and seduces Minzhé, first as a platonic romance through the god-king Ozymandias, second as the divine reflection of Minzhé and the arbiter of his reason, and later reveals herself to be the sun goddess Ra who has fallen in love with the enlightened and compassionate state of Minzhé’s being. Her figure shadows Minzhé throughout his journey and plays a vital part in protecting and nourishing his mind during times of personal doubt, emotional pain, and the psychotic confrontation with his own trauma. Minzhé has also fallen in love with Ré and dedicates the book to her because of his realization throughout the story of the vital functions Ré has played in his personal and romantic life.

Ré is a miraculous journey of a man that, confronted with the specter of his own shadow and the looming demons of his psychosis, acquires immense trust with the brilliant traits of his mind to lift himself up to the more vivacious and genuine shores of reason and love, integrating and enlivening his vibrant conscious, psyche, and subconscious.


“Sparsh Kothari is like a breath of fresh air as an emerging novelist and prolific writer. In his numerous books, several of which culminate in a fictional epic-sized collection of publications—titled, Ré, a Journey (© 2022 Book Locker, © 2019 Kothari Publishing)—, Sparsh exudes a youthfulness and maturity that creates a magical rendering of his books readable to all generations. Sparsh combines philosophy, realism, contemporary scenarios, and wisdoms of the past to transport the reader to a universe that engages the reader through all their senses. Sparsh's writing style is exquisite in its simplicity and is very lyrical, holding the attention span of the reader till the book is completed. I strongly recommend his books to an audience that is looking to engage in soul-refreshing and intellectual pursuits.”
- Dr. Huma Ahmed-Ghosh, Professor Emeritus Department of Women's Studies San Diego State University, KPBS Asian Woman of the Year Recipient of the SDSU Diversity Award



About the Author
Sparsh Kothari Sparsh Kothari (1990-present) is an active writer, novelist, and founder and managing director of Kothari Publishing, a publishing house dedicated to helping writers transform into effective, eloquent, and respected public authors. Sparsh holds a bachelor’s of science degree from the University of California at Berkeley and lives in San Diego, California with his family. To learn more, please contact Sparsh.



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