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Simple Reiki for Self Healing by Stephanie Brail

Simple Reiki for Self Healing

by Stephanie Brail

160 pages
Learn how to perform Reiki energy healing on yourself!

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
About the Book

Learn how to perform energy healing on yourself!

This easy-to-read book explains how to use Reiki energy healing for your own personal growth and healing. Rather than focusing the teaching on arcane symbols and systems, Simple Reiki for Self Healing focuses on what's really important - the healing process.

This book is written by a Reiki Master for people with absolutely no Reiki experience as well as experienced Reiki Practitioners.

In this book you will learn how to attune yourself to Reiki (using your own personal Reiki symbol!) and perform the basic Reiki healing process on yourself.

You'll then learn how to apply Reiki to a variety of issues, including emotional health, depression, anxiety, physical health, personal boundaries, and abundance. The entire focus is on building a personal Reiki practice for your own healing and growth.

This book also explores how and why healing works and provides ample examples and exercises, with a lot of bonus material!

Most Reiki Masters charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars for Reiki classes. Healers can charge $50/hour and up. By the time you have finished the processes in this book, you will have become your own personal "Reiki Master" and have all the tools you need to give yourself energy healing treatments every day.



About the Author
Stephanie Brail Stephanie Brail is a Life Coach and Reiki Master, with additional energy healing certifications in EFT, EF&H, and TAT. She has also developed a combination of Reiki and EFT called Emotional Freedom Reiki(



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