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Arms to the Poor by Melanie Isabelle Henner-Stanchina

Arms to the Poor

by Melanie Isabelle Henner-Stanchina

454 pages
Dr. Corinne Magnolia embarks on a new assignment that appears to be a dream-come-true on the surface. In time, she realizes she is but a pawn in the nefarious plot of a group of criminal masterminds, leading directly back to Washington, DC.

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Category: Fiction:Thriller
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About the Book
Dr. Corinne Magnolia, a young, energetic, and enthusiastic PhD-level biochemist, is beginning her career in medical research. She accepts an impossible-to-refuse job offer at a laboratory in a suburb of Duluth, Minnesota, where she is to administer and oversee the impact of an experimental cancer drug touted as a cure-all for a wide range of cancers at all stages of growth, while not obliterating the immune system in the process.

The new cancer drug was unknown in any U.S. territories until its introduction within U.S. borders by a world-renown physician Dr. Aron Perez, who is Dr. Magnolia's supervisor and mentor. At first an attentive and gracious teacher, Dr. Perez's true motives unravel once the seeds of the experiment have been planted. He all but vanishes, leaving Dr. Magnolia with an exceedingly high critical illness and death toll to tackle on her own, with only the help of her trusted Psychiatrist friend Dr. Richard Weisberg.

With blood on her hands, and now the target of a nationwide manhunt leading directly back to Washington, D.C., Dr. Magnolia is forcibly sent on a quest to balance preserving her own life and freedom, with the lives of her patients. Bound by the limitations of her two-year contract and by an extraordinary devotion to her patients, Dr. Magnolia is cognizant that time is of the essence. Will she ever discover the truth? Will she be able to save the victims before it's too late?



About the Author
Melanie Isabelle Henner-Stanchina Melanie Isabelle Henner-Stanchina is a prolific writer with a knack for combining realistic situations with fantasy. She works with a wide range of genres, including medical thrillers, young adult horror, children's stories conveying a valuable message, and poetry. Her seventeen years of experience in the healthcare industry have guided much of her writing. She speaks to the often, inhumane conduct of human beings towards each other, coupled with the bureaucratic and capitalistic ideals of modern-day society. She lives in South Florida with her son Aidan Calder, best friend Dianne Liivsoo, cats Angie and Cleo, and dog Princess.



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