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Life, Light and Love Beyond Covid: Kelly's True Story of How God Grants us "Hope for Miracles...Always!" by Tim Pleacher

Life, Light and Love Beyond Covid: Kelly's True Story of How God Grants us "Hope for Miracles...Always!"

by Tim Pleacher

148 pages
“Life, Light and Love Beyond Covid,” is the story of a vibrant young woman’s struggle for her very life against Covid, and then a debilitating stroke. Follow Kelly's challenging recovery and see God's love revealed as her journey unfolds.

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About the Book
“Life, Light and Love Beyond Covid,” is the story of Kelly’s struggle for her very life; as told by her husband Tim. Kelly would struggle first against Covid, then against a debilitating stroke, and finally move forward into a challenging recovery. It’s the story of a dedicated hospital staff, the turmoil of family and friends, and the depiction of how a wife’s love, and God’s grace, can rescue a man adrift.

She was vibrant and carefree just days prior; but mid-morning of October 3, 2021 found my wife of 39 years on full life support. I watched as the machine breathed for her. I was soon asked to add “Do Not Resuscitate,” to Kelly’s orders. We reluctantly decided to add those distressing words. This could not be happening. In a nightmare from which I could not awake cold sweat gushed, hope faded, and darkness grew.

Kelly would spend 17 days on full ventilation, 43 days in Intensive Care, and a record 80 total days hospitalized. She would enduring life threatening complications, and be near death several times.

Could God perform the miracles necessary to sustain Kelly’s life? I pray that you are intrigued enough to read the true story of her courage. As the journey unfolds we will perceive God’s love in the lessons the journey imparts.

No matter how dreadful the situation, in our most desperate moments we learn that we can speak to the living God, and He will answer. May you receive hope as you read and discover how God can grant us: “Hope for miracles always.”


Emotional and powerful! If you didn't believe in miracles before, you will after reading this book. I couldn't put it down!
- Justin Spencer
A Beautiful book of God's love for us. INSPIRING words of encouragement at a time when we need them the most!
- Rhonda Sweitzer
I just finished reading the book about Kelly. I think it’s awesome! Definitely a light for all who hear this uplifting story about Gods wonderful work.
- Melanie Fraley



About the Author
Tim Pleacher Tim Pleacher is Kelly’s spouse and conveys in this, his second book, the story of his wife’s amazing miracle recovery from Covid. Tim has been a Group Home Manager, Prison Administrator, Teacher and Lay Speaker. Tim writes from his spirit, and from his heart. He recounts in his inspirational approach the honesty of the story.



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