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The Biome Sacrifices by Heather McLoud

The Biome Sacrifices

by Heather McLoud

264 pages
In a single week, Alishel's life on a perfect Earth is shattered by a series of revelations which make her a fugitive. Can she survive her new knowledge of the horror behind the beauty?

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult:Science Fiction
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About the Book
On an Earth which has been free of war, pollution, and poverty for decades, Alishel’s biggest worries are perfecting the art of the holosculpture and pestering her dad to finally get a Monitor like everyone else. Her life is shattered in one week by a series of revelations.

Her friend Dembe hacks into a government site and shows her a picture of a war atrocity recently committed on Earth’s sister planet Biome. Her father becomes violently sick. When a government agent begins questioning Alishel, her father reluctantly reveals that her existence itself is illegal. She was genetically engineered by the government agency which is responsible for Biome’s state of constant war.

Now the government wants to reclaim Alishel for their program. She and her father must escape to Biome. There, she will learn the price of Earth’s perfection.


McLoud’s emotional intelligence transcribes beautifully into her characters. Her books both entertain and enlighten anyone who reads them.
- Sandra Nash



About the Author
Heather McLoud's novels span a variety of genres. The unifying theme of her work is exploration of the ways people cope with trauma. When not writing, McLoud can be found practicing a profession which allows her to exercise her belief that all people deserve human decency.



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