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ZAT Zombie Apocalypse Training: How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse and Not Freak Out - FIRST EDITION by Richard Flentge

ZAT Zombie Apocalypse Training: How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse and Not Freak Out - FIRST EDITION

by Richard Flentge

138 pages
The book takes a realistic approach to apocalyptic events occurring over the last 20 years, focusing on evidence-based connections between biblical text and current events. ZAT covers a wide range of conspiracy theory subject matters.

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Category: Social Science:Conspiracy Theories
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About the Book
How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse and Not Freak Out is a basic guide written to help give an understanding of tumultuous world events, as well as offer additional knowledge about the book of Revelation.

As the apocalypse continues to intensify, surviving the apocalypse depends greatly upon individuals escaping the space alone knowledge matrix by knowing Universe truth, and this book summarizes; aliens and ancient civilizations as prior space contacts.

The book is intended to help you make this connection between science, fact and reason, biblical text, and current affairs to be able to make your own judgments, not relying on a contaminated news media, with the perspective: Earth has received space signal contact and those in control of communication have held the public captive.

ZAT gives readers a sufficient explanation of these events so as to understand we are living in the final days just prior to space contact.

ZAT helps the reader break through the complex, mixed up communication system already in place and with critical thinking finding new ways to look the increasing frequency of tragic events regarded as prophetic recorded in the prior Bible text found in Matthew 24 and the book of Revelation.

Zombies are developed by being completely unaware of these prophecies coming true.

Cable TV news doesn’t want earth to get any part of this message holding zombie viewers in informational captivity.

The book explains enemy captive reality is what Cable TV news wants you to think in the Zombie apocalypse space alone matrix.

Finally the authors brings the reader home to escape the matrix with conclusions regarding God’s existence, enemy existence, the soul as a space traveling energy form and the secret of the Bible; the Orion codex.

These conclusions by the author breaks the reader free of the Zombie apocalypse space alone matrix with this prediction of the Orion start pulse as the contact signal that verifies the space communication.

ZAT is a book ahead of its time.


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About the Author
Richard Flentge Richard Flentge’s writing takes readers to entirely new paradigms of human understanding with evidence-based answers for some of the most pressing questions of human existence. His 20 years of research as an End time expert point readers in the direction: we are not alone in space.



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