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Blue by You by Larry B. Gildersleeve

Blue by You

by Larry B. Gildersleeve

322 pages
Daniel believed there were no do-overs in life. No second chances masquerading as firsts. Fate would prove him wrong when he fell in love with Paula twice, decades and a thousand miles apart, yet he was a total stranger to her both times.

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Category: Fiction:Romance:Christian
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About the Book
Blue by You tells the uniquely romantic story of a man who falls in love with the same woman twice, decades and a thousand miles apart, but is a total stranger to her both times.

Daniel, a former D.C. trial attorney, has fled to Colorado following the cancer death of his young wife, a woman he'd known since their childhood. It's in a rural mountain setting two years later that a chance encounter results in a one-week love affair with Paula, a lifestyle writer from Nashville.

Paula is a person of faith; Daniel was while his wife was alive, but no longer. There is a soft-touch Christian theme throughout the book, especially about the power of prayer and the reality of redemption.

Paula leaves after the seven days, promising to return, but doesn’t. And Daniel never hears from her again. They are reunited over twenty years later in Nashville, but a rare illness has deprived Paula of any memory of Daniel.

The two former lovers have been living very different lives over the years before they're brought together again by an up and coming country music singer who might be their daughter.

Daniel struggles with reliving his Colorado memories while falling in love with the same woman again who now can't share those memories with him. Together, they make new memories they can share -- until time runs out.

The book's title is wordplay on the song Blue Bayou, with Blue being an Australian Shepherd Paula comments is often by Daniel's side.


Gildersleeve's prose is sunny and smooth.
- Kirkus Reviews
Authentic and witty dialogue. The repartee, flirtations and verbal jousting are superb. Some actor is going to read this book and say it must be made into a movie so I can do these lines.
- Writer's Digest
A heartwarming book that will delight you as the characters come off the pages and into your lives.
- Susan Reichert, editor of Suite T and Southern Author Services


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About the Author
Larry B. Gildersleeve Larry B. Gildersleeve was born in Tennessee, grew up in Virginia and Kentucky, and after college lived and worked in Indianapolis, Orlando, Miami, Washington, D.C. and Seattle before "coming home" to Kentucky in 2014 where he and his wife Kathleen live in Bowling Green. Blue by You is his fourth novel.



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