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Deconstructing Prayer by Hephzibah

Deconstructing Prayer

by Hephzibah

140 pages
Have you ever felt alone in your journey of faith, confused by the silence of God? No victory in sight. You have done everything they told you to do but itís not working? You know in your hearth; this canít possibly be Gods Will for me.

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Category: Religion:Christianity:Prayer
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About the Book
Deconstruction does not mean ĎDemolitioní It means Ďbreaking downí or to analyse something to discover its true meaning. In Deconstructing Prayer, it looks at why believerís prayers seem to go unanswered. It addresses and answers difficult questions we wrestle with about Faith, sin, and unbelief. Are these the only reasons why we donít see answers or is there another reason why.

It seeks to separate the wheat from the tears by exposing dangerous doctrines of men that are killing the body of Christ. It explains the Dark Knight of the Soul that believers donít realise their going through. Causing some to fall away from the Faith, confused and broken with no help from the church.

You will learn how to discern what type of spirits like to manifest as the Holy Spirit. What you are really fighting with and how to overcome it. Learn how to spiritually cleanse yourself, family, home, and sacred space. Understand how Faith really works. How to do spiritual warfare using the book of Psalms and the whole armour of God.

Learn how sickness manifests and why you canít find healing. Understand why, you are doing all they tell you to do but itís not working. So much more is within this book, you will finally come to know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.



About the Author
Hephzibah is a mother of two who lives in Ireland. She is an artist and designer who had a radical conversion in her thirties. She has walked with the Lord for over 23 years now. This book contains the lessons she learned after going through a very painful and dark season that lasted seven years. During which the Lord delivered her from sickness, poverty, spiritual attacks, and oppression. He also delivered her from toxic theology that nearly took her life.



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