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Where Whip-Poor-Wills Call: A World War II Love Story by Wilmer Nichols

Where Whip-Poor-Wills Call: A World War II Love Story

by Wilmer Nichols

252 pages
JJ Johnson was captured by the Japanese and imprisoned on mainland Japan. After the Japanese surrendered, JJ was forced to leave his Japanese lover and return to America and reunite with his American lover.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
JJ Johnson was born prematurely to a poor family of sharecroppers in northeast Mississippi. He was accepted to Vanderbilt University at the age of 13 years and graduated at the age of 15. He then entered Princeton University on a full scholarship with room and board to study under Dr. Albert Einstein and graduated in 1941 with a PhD in Nuclear Physics at age 17 years. While at Princeton, JJ met and fell in love with Autumn Gamble from the consumer goods corporation, Proctor and Gamble. When World War II broke out, JJ volunteered for the U.S Navy and became a fighter pilot. After participation in four major battles on board the aircraft carriers Saratoga, Lexington, Yorktown and Enterprise, he was transferred to Los Alamos to work on the atomic bomb. In the summer of 1944, JJ returned to action aboard the Enterprise and then the new Lexington. In early 1945, he crashed at sea and after 20 days adrift, he was captured by the Japanese. After a short stint on Chichi Jima, JJ escaped, but was recaptured and transported to Ofuna a prison near Yokosuka on mainland Japan. After supplying fake information to the prison commander about the atomic bomb, JJ was rewarded with visits and services of a beautiful Japanese girl named Asami. As the war continued, JJ and Asami fell in love. After the US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese surrendered and JJ was forced to leave Asami and return to America and reunite with Autumn.


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About the Author
Wilmer Nichols grew up in a very poor family in rural Mississippi. He dropped out of school after the 10th grade and joined the Navy. He then earned a PhD and retired as a professor of Medicine.



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