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Copernicium-296 by Steven Eckroad


by Steven Eckroad

322 pages
A star-ship navigator risks her career pursuing justice for a quarantined planet. Her quest is marked by conspiracy, romance, space battles, telepathy and spacetime portals. Integrity and hope are her keys to victory.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi
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About the Book
An InterStellar star-ship navigator risks her career when she pursues justice for a quarantined planet. Her quest is marked by conspiracy, romance, space battles, telepathy and fifth dimension portals. Jana Anders and her crew are marooned on the planet Mycenae in a distant past. In desperation they hazard time travel and return to their home planet in the 24th century. Jana learns of InterStellar’s secret plans to illegally mine a mineral found only on Mycenae. The behemoth corporation forms a political alliance with the Galactic Federation. The cabal plans to create a galactic empire by using the new mineral’s ability to generate unlimited power. The inhabitants of Mycenae are kept ignorant of the plunder of their planet. Jana vows to expose the treachery. This could mean going back to the past.

Shawna, a young Mycenaean woman, dreams of traveling to worlds that her people know nothing of. As she grows into womanhood she meets Ethan, a geologist sent by InterStellar to find new minerals. They fall in love, but Ethan must leave Mycenae without her when he learns of InterStellar’s plot. He finds Jana and alerts her to the illegal mining on Mycenae.

Jana, Ethan, Shawna and their friends join forces to expose the rip-off of Mycenae. Personal sacrifices, acceptance of political risk and reliance on enduring friendships combine to determine the outcome of their heroic struggle.


“This second book in a series by Steven Eckroad tells about a conceptual future that is different from other science fiction projections. He introduces some novel concepts. Most importantly is the one that telepathy is related to teleportation. The methodology of the Telpher process is nicely woven into a story of politics, greed, and love. The book is an easy read and the story is intriguing.”
- William V. Hassenzahl, PhD, President Advanced Energy Analysis
“A great sequel to Telpher. Steven has a unique way of integrating just enough astrophysics that makes you pay attention to the science while still weaving an engaging tale. I thoroughly enjoyed the transport.”
- Chris Valentino, MSPH, COO of Pacific Inpatient Medical Group (Retired)



About the Author
Mr. Eckroad is a scientist/engineer with a degree in physics and expertise in emerging electric power technologies. He is a member of Mensa. His hobbies include astronomy, electro-mechanical tinkering, gardening, nature photography and theology. He is married, has traveled widely, and resides in Southern California.



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