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OUTSIDERS: Vol. II by W. C. Collier


by W. C. Collier

724 pages
A shocking truth revealed, and the world is changed forever. But who is the real enemy, and what is the purpose of the hidden AI? Melody and her allies continue the fight to find the final answers.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi
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About the Book
Melody has an answer, now, but to a question she never asked—a question she never imagined asking. And the whole world has seen what she has seen. Uncovering the truth is not the same as victory, though. She and her boyfriend remain on the run, in hiding from assassins and government conspirators, while the world comes to terms with its new reality. People and governments pick sides, and war begins to spread.

Meanwhile, the mystery of the great AI remains. Melody and her allies refocus their efforts and restart the project to uncover the AI’s secrets. They try their best to keep the new operation hidden as the world crumbles, but their enemy is too powerful, its resources too great. When the attack comes, Melody learns the true cost of her convictions.

Then she learns that she is able to pay it, and keep fighting. She is changing, now, becoming something new, a person she does not recognize. The few relationships she still has are fragmenting as she gives everything to the mission. Gone are her old comforts, replaced by the comfort of a gun, and the need to be stronger—physically stronger than she has ever been, especially when she finds herself trapped behind enemy lines.

Nor is Melody the only one paying a price for conviction. Casualties are beginning to mount, the enemy is strong, and a key ally may be dying.

Despite all the loss, though, the attacks and setbacks, Melody’s team is making progress, with the aid of the world’s coders and hackers. What is the purpose of the mysterious AI embedded in the global Internet? What is it doing? What is it looking for? Just a little more time is all they need, to deploy their new software on the most powerful supercomputers around the world, in hopes that they will be able to unlock the secrets of the AI. Their last hope is that if they can learn about the AI, they may learn something that will help them in the fight against an otherwise invincible enemy, before it’s too late.


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About the Author
In the Navy, W. C. Collier flew helicopters over the Persian Gulf and instructed in the T-6B, and directed airstrikes in East Africa for SOCOM. Outside the Navy, he has collected various experiences from dancing to sailing to SCUBA, competitive shooting, and hunting and fishing in North America and Africa.



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